January 25, 2012


   Skirt   H&M                  Top H&M                Pants H&M

Today i was a lucky girl, i got myself a cute pants that fits me very well.. 
I'm a 'INBETWEENIE" and if you are one too then you should be familiar with the fact that for us curvy ladies pants are difficult to find.. Well besides the cute pants i also managed to find myself a great GREEN high wasted skirt en a great top... 

For more curvy fashion thinggggies you should also check out the blog of Edith Dohmen.. Style has No size

Edith is always aware of the latest trends and therefore she hopes to mean something for the ‘in-between-girls’: the ‘inbetweenies’! The word ‘inbetweenie’ stands for the forgotten group. The inbetweenies fill the gap between straight and plus size fashion. This group is too big for the straight size fashion and too small for the plus size fashion.

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