April 25, 2013

Styling w o r k

My styling work for the artist Tasha's World

Photography: Jose da Silva
Styling: Afagh Morrowatian


S T E L L A  J E A N

Stella Jean is a young and talented Italo-Haitian designer who began her career in fashion by working as a model for Egon Von Fürstenberg, but soon discovered her real creative calling. Her clothes must tell something about her, but at the same time their function is to make their wearer beautiful.

I am very impressed and excited about the spring summer 2013 collection! especially the styling direction of the lookbook which fuses designs together. 
Very colorful and strong, retro sunnies, cinched waists, Clutches, statement necklaces, hats , colorful print turbans and much more, all used to style up the collection. Pay attention on how stripes, polka dots and graphic tees are paired up with prints. Jewels and accessories complete the looks by adding an extravagant and very glamorous touch: the bangles in terry cloth and gilt studs are worn in numbers, alternating with Fifties-style tube bangles with big bells, for a choreographic chargé effect.
I am totally in LOVE!










Yesterday I had a lovely museums day. 
I started my day enjoying the sun with my amazing friend..(and some Monki shopping shhht! :p)
Our first stop was for the fourth time the exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier in The Kunsthal Rotterdam.
Then I visited museum Boijmans van Beuningen. I very much enjoyed the exhibitions Handmade & Pushwagner ... ohh and of course the permanent collection ..

Hope you all had a great day! 

ps. remember this video of BLUSHBUBBLES ;)

April 24, 2013


(self portrait)

(Mongane Wally Serote)

your eyelids shut, if they ever do,
and the memories of those you knew,
flood behind the darkness of closed eyelids
spiralling into patterns of pain
and you alone know that once there were hopes
that once the footsteps of the people sounded on the horizon
and now
silence strides across the sky
where the sun sweats, proclaiming a wish to rest

April 23, 2013

Ayad Alkadhi

Dear readers, i want to tell you little bit more about the person behind Blush Bubbles. 
Born and raised in Iran until I was 12; i had a fascination for art & fashion. Growing up in the Netherlands I followed my fascination and I graduated from art Academy. After my graduation I followed  up my passion and I am currently working as an visual artist and freelance fashion stylist.
Through my blog I'll do my best to share my passion and fascination for art & fashion with you.

Today I want to introduce you to an amazing artist named Ayad Alkadhi.
Born and raised in Baghdad,  Alkadhi left Iraq for a better future after the first Gulf war. Alkadhi currently lives and works in New York City. Ayad Alkadhi’s work focuses on cultural and political topics of Iraq and the Middle East. The work is mainly biographical and sometimes incorporates his painted image. His use of Arabic newspaper on mixed-media canvases, as well as his use of calligraphy, connects elements of traditional medium  to contemporary art. 

Here are some of his work that i really love. Hope you like this post. 


Dance, Dance or we are Lost

New photography work, Hope you like it...

Photography: Afagh Morrowatian
Dancer: Roshanak Morrowatian


This i call L O V E 

Styling work dear friend & super Artist Meral Polat

April 13, 2013


For the cutest phonecases, phone accessories and more check out JollyBright
Thx JollyBright for my cute iphone case i love it!

April 5, 2013


I heart this collection soooooo much, it's so BlushBubbles.

New collection from Sretsis. Horses and polkadots, it's love! 
Gosh I wish I could buy so many of these pieces for my wardrobe. 

April 4, 2013

Facebook Giveaway

Yesterday i made this flyer for a giveaway collaboration with ZAKYRA & MY PAGE (PERSONAL SHOPPER AFAGH) 
Follow the instructions on the flyer and you might be a lucky winner.. ;)
Check out the website to order your own ZAKYRA!  xo BlushBubbles 

April 3, 2013

New Styling work publication FART MAG

New work publication in FART MAGAZINE 

Photography: Jennifer Remme – Fotojenique
Make-up: Nancy de Rijke – myRouge
Hair: Carlos Ramos
Styling: Afagh Morrowatian
models: Nikita van der Linden, 
Danielle Hack, Naomi Sharon Webster,
Anniek Vermeulen en Nadia Ben Whey


Fluffy Parrot


A stunning craft book filled with unique and fresh ideas and bright, beautiful photography. Be inspired with Beci Orpin’s beautiful book, Find & Keep, with projects that are original, creative, and fresh! People of all ages will appreciate Orpin’s unique taste, and this book features all of her favorite things, from wall murals, such as life-size paper Christmas trees, to embroideries and herb gardens and picnic fare. 
Discover where Orpin gets her inspiration from and follow her in her studio, at home, and out and about as she gathers ideas for her projects, which then learn and you can do yourself. 
So get inspired, get creative, and go find, make, and keep!