March 30, 2013


Weaver's Study Course: Ideas and Techniques
by Else Regensteiner
Litton Educational Publishing Inc., 1975


Today I am in Dutch newspaper Het Parool. And I am soooo proud! It’s about ‘plus size’ fashion bloggers. hope you like it!!! so so so proud of me and the other 3 girls in it.. ♥

Nefferth from Mode-plus, model and writer Mayra and Edith from Style has no Size.

March 23, 2013


One of my biggest inspirations.. one of the artists that i love the most... Shirin Neshat.. 
Shirin Neshat was born 1957, Qazvin, Iran. Although she lives and works in New York, the United States, her artwork explores issues of her native society, Iran, especially the position of women. She uses the specifics of her background culture to create works that communicate universal ideas about loss, meaning, and memory. 

March 22, 2013


I heart this band so much... back to my roots.. Persian Nomad

Artists: Niyaz
Album: Nine Heavens
Song: Beni Beni

Niyaz draws even more connections between Turkey and Kurdistan, between Iran and India. The word niyaz means "yearning" in Kurmanci, the language of the Kurds, in Farsi, the language of Iran, and Urdu, a major language of northern India and Pakistan. Over the centuries, the cultures of Kurdistan and Persia and India have shared not only words, but musical and spiritual traditions and people. Azam Ali is one of them, born in Iran and raised in India; and two of the songs on Nine Heavens are by Amir Khosrau Dehlavi, a 13th-century Persian mystic and poet who was also raised in India.

March 20, 2013


Lately i'm so into the Black&White theme.. here is a cute little collage for my inspiration Wednesday...
xo BlushBubbles

March 19, 2013


Yes Yes again a cool fun amazing collab with Corte Visuals
As some of you already know.. here in Rotterdam we have a amazing expo of Jean Paul Gaultier @ the Kunsthal.. Go and check it out... for those who can't.. you can enjoy this video.. Hope you like it!

xo BlushBubbles

March 18, 2013



When i look at her photo's & video's i always get totally inspired. 
She always stay's true to her own amazing personal style; that's why i love her so much.
Yup! one of my inspirations! Who inspires you the most? 

March 12, 2013



From Alexander McQueen to Andrea Crews, Craig Green to Walter Van Beirendonck, Arrrgh! presents a selection from fifty-eight contemporary creators who, inspired by design, animation and sketches, use monster form and expression in their costume and clothing designs. Following the blueprint established by Pictoplasma, an exhibition held at La Gaîté in December 2011, the contemporary characters who first came to life in the field of character design have discovered transferable skills, opening doors in the world of fashion!

Craig Green
Walter van Beirendonck
Maison Martin Margiela // On Aura Tout Vu

Rozalb de Mura // Maureunrol's

Hideki Seo

Charlie le Mindu
Manon Kundig
Chi He

March 6, 2013


After long time of waiting, it's finally online! so happy with this publication in fashionising

Photography by Shehera Grot @
Illustrations: Sara Emani
Styling: Afagh Morrowatian 
Make-up Artist: Cynthia Lacle
Hair: Celia Wong 
Model: Eveline van der Hoorn @ 14 models