March 22, 2013


I heart this band so much... back to my roots.. Persian Nomad

Artists: Niyaz
Album: Nine Heavens
Song: Beni Beni

Niyaz draws even more connections between Turkey and Kurdistan, between Iran and India. The word niyaz means "yearning" in Kurmanci, the language of the Kurds, in Farsi, the language of Iran, and Urdu, a major language of northern India and Pakistan. Over the centuries, the cultures of Kurdistan and Persia and India have shared not only words, but musical and spiritual traditions and people. Azam Ali is one of them, born in Iran and raised in India; and two of the songs on Nine Heavens are by Amir Khosrau Dehlavi, a 13th-century Persian mystic and poet who was also raised in India.

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