November 25, 2013

Ten Thousand Waves

Isaac Julien: Ten Thousand Waves

Ten Thousand Waves (2010) is an immersive film installation projected onto nine double-sided screens arranged in a dynamic structure. The work poetically weaves together stories linking China's ancient past and present. Through an architectural installation the work explores the movement of people across countries and continents and meditates on unfinished journeys.

Conceived and made over four years, TEN THOUSAND WAVES sees Julien collaborating with some of China's leading artistic voices, including: screen goddess Maggie Cheung; rising star of Chinese film Zhao Tao; poet Wang Ping; master calligrapher Gong Fagen; artist Yang Fudong; acclaimed cinematographer Zhao Xiaoshi; and a 100-strong Chinese cast and crew. The film's original musical score is by fellow East Londoner Jah Wobbleand The Chinese Dub Orchestra and contemporary classical composer Maria de Alvear.

Filmed on location in the ravishing and remote Guangxi province and at the famous Shanghai Film Studios and various sites around Shanghai, TEN THOUSAND WAVES combines fact, fiction and film essay genres against a background of Chinese history, legend and landscape to create a meditation on global human migrations.

Isaac Julien is as equally acclaimed for his fluent, arresting films as his vibrant and inventive gallery installations. TEN THOUSAND WAVES is his most ambitious project to date with the nine-screen installation forming a dynamic structure which choreographs the viewers experience of the multiple narratives.

With rich imagery that soars between the cold northwest coast of England, the buzzing rush hour of Shanghai, and the lush landscape of bamboo forest and stony mountains, Ten Thousand Waves represents a new form of filmic storytelling!

November 18, 2013


For a long time I wanted to share this amazing collection Mournful-Woman with you.
Besides the fact that he; EBRAHIM NOROOZI  is one of the major sources of inspiration for me in photography, he also touches me personally with this work. This collection, the portraits of women from my hometown Khorramabad (Iran). The collection features the rituals of mourning season of Muharram in Lorestan Province, especially in Khoramabad in Iran.

The story behind this collection:
Khoram-Abad, Iran - In different Shiite areas, mourning for Moharam takes various forms. One of the traditional ways in Iran is 'fourthly pulpits', held every year in Lorestan province, especially in Khoram-Abad, a city 310 miles away from Tehran. In this ceremony on the ninth day of Moharam, the first and most important Shiite month, women from different classes gather barefoot - traditionally wearing black mourning clothes - with covered faces and go to 40 different pulpits called 'saqa-khaneh'. They light a candle in silence to show their respects for Imam Husain, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad who was slain in battle during the month, while waiting for him to accept their wishes.

Just watch and let this collection amaze you. 

November 16, 2013

ا · ب · ت · ث · ج · ح · خ · د · ذ ………….

How cute are these Arabic numbers & letters sweatshirt's of BAKCHIC?!?!

Bakchic launched a capsule collection of ready-to-wear sweatshirts for man and woman. The Arabic Calligraphy shown in a selection of beautiful letters, and the Arabic numbers in a sporty chic style. 
The Collection is available to order online on BAKCHIC! 
I just love them and just had to put it on my wish list! So minimal yet  effective! 

November 14, 2013


Hassan Hajjaj's technicolour tailoring
I still wanted to share this amazing editorial! 
Hassan Hajjaj… He is a big inspiration for me. Hajjaj is a self-taught and thoroughly versatile artist whose work includes portraiture, installation, performance, fashion, and interior design.In this editorial you'll be amazed by the add of color in the streets of Casablanca.

Photographer: Lamia Lahbabi
Styling:Louis Philippe de Gagoue


I've always been fascinated by mosaic patterns.There is something about the repetition and  symmetry in these compositions of mosaics, that seems to attract my attention. Lately we have seen it in art, as well as in prints and fabrics on the runway. 

Céline proves me right. The pattern-clash of the AW13 Céline campaign is peculiar and attractive at the same time. By combining the traditional plaid fabric, in a mosaic area, gives a strong and unusual contrast, yet it is accepted … and even adored by most of us, i know i do! How about you? 

November 11, 2013

F A SC I N A T I O N - OF - P E R S I A

The Persian-European Dialogue in Seventeenth-Century Art & Contemporary Art from Tehran
Baroque Europe’s artistic engagement with Persia, Safavid Persia’s reception of European paintings and prints, and contemporary works from Tehran, some of them produced specifically for this show, are the three supporting pillars of this exhibition. The past that they reveal sheds a fascinating light on the present.


Persia and Europe cultivated close ties throughout the seventeenth century. They exchanged luxury goods, engaged in diplomacy, and there were numerous personal encounters, too. More than just a footnote of history, this dialogue

had a shaping influence on the arts and crafts in both east and west.

Today, four hundred years later, Iranian artists exhibit at biennials all over the world. The dialogue, in other words, has become global. While their works turn on questions of concern to us all, they never quite lose sight of their own history. More


Some amazing highlights of the exhibition 

November 7, 2013


Fell deeply in love with this Vogue Japan editorial with Lindsay Wixson.
Every piece and photo feels whimsically luxurious, and I secretly love her glossy baby-doll eyed stare.

November 4, 2013

You wanna C U DD L E ?


I love love love the collection of Sister by Sibling AW '13

Here are some of my favorite outfits.

Not only in fashion you can cuddle, but you can also be cuddled by the amazing designs of the talented textile designer Claire-Anne O'Brien.