November 11, 2013

F A SC I N A T I O N - OF - P E R S I A

The Persian-European Dialogue in Seventeenth-Century Art & Contemporary Art from Tehran
Baroque Europe’s artistic engagement with Persia, Safavid Persia’s reception of European paintings and prints, and contemporary works from Tehran, some of them produced specifically for this show, are the three supporting pillars of this exhibition. The past that they reveal sheds a fascinating light on the present.


Persia and Europe cultivated close ties throughout the seventeenth century. They exchanged luxury goods, engaged in diplomacy, and there were numerous personal encounters, too. More than just a footnote of history, this dialogue

had a shaping influence on the arts and crafts in both east and west.

Today, four hundred years later, Iranian artists exhibit at biennials all over the world. The dialogue, in other words, has become global. While their works turn on questions of concern to us all, they never quite lose sight of their own history. More


Some amazing highlights of the exhibition 

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