May 29, 2013


Whenever economic hardships hit, there is a growth in the sales of cosmetics. Case in point, the Wall Street Crash of ’29 caused a huge spike in lipstick sales and more recently, nail polish sales have skyrocketed due to the recession. Madrid based brand SuTurno has created two gorgeous scarves made of 100% silk to celebrate this trend in history as well as 30s glamour and the surrealist humor of Elsa Schiaparelli. We love the muted tones that contrast so nicely with bright pinks and reds!

May 23, 2013


Kader Attia

(born 1970 in Dugny/Seine-Saint-Denis)

Kader Attia was born in 1970 into an Algerian family in the Parisian suburb Seine-Saint-Denis. He studied at the École Supérieure in Paris, spending a year at Barcelona's Escola de Artes Applicades.

Using his own identity that has been defined by several cultures as the starting point, he tackles the increasingly difficult relationship between Europe and immigrants, particularly those of Islamic faith. In doing so he does not allow himself to be tied down to one specific medium. His photographic work and films portray the smouldering conflicts arising from the history of French colonialisation and are characterised by exceptional attention to detail. The allegorical minimalism of his sculptures and installations on the other hand is frequently unsettling owing to the discord between their external sensory appeal and their controversial content. He then builds installations questioning the viewer about his fantasies and phobias.

In Ghost, a large installation of a group of Muslim women in prayer, Attia renders their bodies as vacant shells, empty hoods devoid of personhood or spirit. Made from tin foil - a domestic, throw away material - Attia’s figures become alien and futuristic, synthesising the abject and divine. Bowing in shimmering meditation, their ritual is equally seductive and hollow, questioning modern ideologies - from religion to nationalism and consumerism - in relation to individual identity, social perception, devotion and exclusion. Attia’s Ghost evokes contemplation of the human condition as vulnerable and mortal; his impoverished materials suggest alternative histories or understandings of the world, manifest in individual and temporal experience.


May 19, 2013

Always a dreamer..

I'm a dreamer.. and always will be..
self portrait 18 - 05 - 2013

#Iran #Roots #Love

May 16, 2013


You already might know this, but one of my favorite artist is still Shirin Neshat..
Neshat is an Iranian visual artist who lives in New York City. She is known primarily for her work in film, video and photography. Today i want to show you one of her video's Fervor (2ooo)

Fervor, 2000, was being projected on two screens in black & white, and immediately focused on the negative view of love within the Iranian culture after the Islamic revolution. The black & white medium was an instant reflection of the clear-cut contrast of men and women in the mosque, with women in black veils and the men in white shirts.
In this piece, Shirin Neshat depicts two stories, one of a man, and another a woman, both in the same place, at the same time on independent screens. Throughout the narrative there is an infuriating conflict between the focal characters, as they both notice each other’s presence even without being able to see one another. This tension builds until the female character leaves, creating a feeling of helplessness with the audience. This division between the projection screens helped to depict the separation and distance of love within the culture, and separation from the women in this society, a detachment possibly felt by the artist after the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Fervor by Shirin Neshat from Ghasem Ebrahimian on Vimeo.

May 14, 2013

Styling for NomyByNaomi

Yesterday i did a collection shoot for the sweet and bubbly designer NomiByNaomi.
It was so much fun and i can't wait to show you the results.. but for now some backstage pictures by Juliane Falk.. Hope you all like it.

May 11, 2013

Miss Kalthoum in Sarahs Bags

Ok! i Think we all love this one!!!!
Um Kalthoum a la Andy Warhol, this clutch bag is printed with a repeat pattern of Um Kalthoum in neo pop colours. One of the pretty creations of Sarah’s Bag. As a designer she embrace the rich Arabic culture and combines it with today's fashion. All the bags and accessories are handmade by women in Beirut. These women have their own story. 

"We celebrate contemporary fashion,retro glamour and Middle Eastern pop culture". 
- Sarah's Bag

More about Sarah´s Bags and the women? Watch the short documentary about Sarah´s Bags 

Razan Graphics

I do love Graphic design, especially these kind of designs.. 
These are made by RazanGraphics
My favorite one is the one with Oum Kalthoum, i just love her and her music! Who doesn't? ;)

May 10, 2013

Farideh Lashai

I don't want to be a tree; I want to be its meaning

Still from “I don't want to be a tree; I want to be its meaning." by Farideh Lashai 2007

Fadrideh Lashai (Born in Rasht, 1944 - 2013) was a multimedia artist. She had been painting more than forty years and having held 25 solo exhibitions and participating in more than 80 group exhibitions she was one of the most active Iranian female visual artists known. A lover of literature in general and having studied German literature, she translated several plays by the famous German playwright Berthold Brecht (1968-2008); an activity she had to abandon after choosing painting as her career. She was a writer too and her last novel Shal Bamu, published a few years ago became a best-seller and attracted the attention of Iranian literary circles.  In recent years she was also active in the field of video art and multimedia installations. Her presence in international art auctions together with her brilliant valuable works and her successes on a global scale has turned her into one of the most well-known pioneers of visual arts not only in the Persian Gulf region and the Middle East, but also in Europe and America.

May 9, 2013

Mara Hoffman

"Aloha from New York" was Mara Hoffman's message.
I love love love the brightly colored collection. Her tropical inspired spring line is perfectly executed from head to toe.The collection portrays the vibrant colors and spirit of island culture, from surfing to boating to resort and beach lounging. This is reflected in the overall look of the collection, from swimsuits worn on the runway, to Bermuda surf shorts, to the closing look- a long appliqued skirt worn with a cropped bustier top; Hoffman’s chic interpretation of a hula skirt look.

 “Each season, my goal is to take the audience on a journey and express the transcendent feeling of love & positivity. This is what we wish to be known for and want to capture in our shows; always celebrating beauty and having a little fun with it.”
-  Mara Hoffman

Some of my favorite looks.. 





ALOHA- Mara Hoffman from mara hoffman on Vimeo.