May 9, 2013

Mara Hoffman

"Aloha from New York" was Mara Hoffman's message.
I love love love the brightly colored collection. Her tropical inspired spring line is perfectly executed from head to toe.The collection portrays the vibrant colors and spirit of island culture, from surfing to boating to resort and beach lounging. This is reflected in the overall look of the collection, from swimsuits worn on the runway, to Bermuda surf shorts, to the closing look- a long appliqued skirt worn with a cropped bustier top; Hoffman’s chic interpretation of a hula skirt look.

 “Each season, my goal is to take the audience on a journey and express the transcendent feeling of love & positivity. This is what we wish to be known for and want to capture in our shows; always celebrating beauty and having a little fun with it.”
-  Mara Hoffman

Some of my favorite looks.. 





ALOHA- Mara Hoffman from mara hoffman on Vimeo.

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