November 18, 2013


For a long time I wanted to share this amazing collection Mournful-Woman with you.
Besides the fact that he; EBRAHIM NOROOZI  is one of the major sources of inspiration for me in photography, he also touches me personally with this work. This collection, the portraits of women from my hometown Khorramabad (Iran). The collection features the rituals of mourning season of Muharram in Lorestan Province, especially in Khoramabad in Iran.

The story behind this collection:
Khoram-Abad, Iran - In different Shiite areas, mourning for Moharam takes various forms. One of the traditional ways in Iran is 'fourthly pulpits', held every year in Lorestan province, especially in Khoram-Abad, a city 310 miles away from Tehran. In this ceremony on the ninth day of Moharam, the first and most important Shiite month, women from different classes gather barefoot - traditionally wearing black mourning clothes - with covered faces and go to 40 different pulpits called 'saqa-khaneh'. They light a candle in silence to show their respects for Imam Husain, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad who was slain in battle during the month, while waiting for him to accept their wishes.

Just watch and let this collection amaze you. 

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