April 25, 2013


S T E L L A  J E A N

Stella Jean is a young and talented Italo-Haitian designer who began her career in fashion by working as a model for Egon Von Fürstenberg, but soon discovered her real creative calling. Her clothes must tell something about her, but at the same time their function is to make their wearer beautiful.

I am very impressed and excited about the spring summer 2013 collection! especially the styling direction of the lookbook which fuses designs together. 
Very colorful and strong, retro sunnies, cinched waists, Clutches, statement necklaces, hats , colorful print turbans and much more, all used to style up the collection. Pay attention on how stripes, polka dots and graphic tees are paired up with prints. Jewels and accessories complete the looks by adding an extravagant and very glamorous touch: the bangles in terry cloth and gilt studs are worn in numbers, alternating with Fifties-style tube bangles with big bells, for a choreographic chargé effect.
I am totally in LOVE!









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