July 2, 2013

M O R O C C A N - T R E A S U R E

Lailla Essaydi 

Lalla A. Essaydi grew up in Morocco and now based in the USA. She is one of my founded treasures. 
Her art, which often combines Islamic calligraphy with representations of the female body, addresses the complex reality of Arab female identity from the unique perspective of personal experience.  In much of her work, she returns to her Moroccan girlhood, looking back on it as an adult woman caught somewhere between past and present, and as an artist, exploring the language in which to  “speak” from this uncertain space. 
She has worked in numerous media, including painting, video, film, installation, and analog photography.  

"In my art, I wish to present myself through multiple lenses -- as artist, as Moroccan, as traditionalist, as Liberal, as Muslim.  In short, I invite viewers to resist stereotypes."
-Lalla A. Essaydi

Feeling particularly inspired by Essaydi work below.


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